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Starting the Conversation About Companion Home Care

Learn how to talk to your loved one about companion home care in Henderson, NV

Introducing the topic of companion home care to an unsuspecting senior loved one can be fraught with challenges. It’s important that you and your family go about this in a way that is sensitive to their needs while still conveying the need to come to concrete, mutually acceptable terms. To do this properly there are a number of factors that need to be taken into account:


Timing is Important

It may be difficult to decide when the “right time” is to have a conversation that may be sticky or difficult. Although it’s not always possible to discuss companion home care and other options before a problem arises, the sooner you are able to discuss your options the better. Waiting too long can leave a senior with little to no say about the direction of their care. If at all possible, ensuring your loved one is of reasonable health and mental acuity is ideal. Regardless, make sure that they are included in the process and feel like their voice and wishes are being heard.


Location Matters

Where you choose to have this conversation can have a major impact on its success. Make sure that wherever you choose, your loved one feels comfortable and safe there. You do not want to make it seem like he or she is being ganged up on. Additionally, choosing a quiet, private place can help facilitate more meaningful conversation. We do not recommend discussion companion home car options for the first time in a public place such as a restaurant.


Designate a Leader

While many of your family members may have strong feelings about the direction of your loved one’s care, it is important to assign a point person to provide the majority of facts and direction to the conversation. If possible, have a pre-meeting with anyone who wants to attend so you can determine who this person will be.


Provide Support

Showing up is important. It makes a caring and compassionate statement to a loved one when their family and relatives show up to be a part of this conversation. Make sure that you are imparting that you care very much about their health and future wellbeing.


Gather Information

Be sure you have the facts about all of the options you’re presenting your loved one before the meeting. At Comfort Keepers in Henderson, NV we understand that the number of questions that can come up during this conversation can be overwhelming. We are here to provide as many resources as possible.


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