Seniorcare Safety Products: Introducing PERS in Henderson, NV

Our safety care products provide seniors with support in the event they are alone and require assistance

As technology continues to advance, families are showing an increased interest in seniorcare safety solutions that can allow their aging loved ones to improve home safety and security. At Comfort Keepers, we offer a number of products that can give you peace of mind that your loved one can age at home without non-stop supervision.

One of our most popular products is PERS or personal emergency response system. PERS is a medical alert system that lets seniors call for help whenever they find themselves in an emergency. For instance, if a senior falls, hurts themselves or gets scared for whatever reason, they can easily contact seniorcare professionals and get the help they need in a matter of minutes.

The best part is that PERS is extremely easy to use, so even seniors who have never used similar devices will have no problems whatsoever using the medical alert system. The product consists of two parts, a console unit and a medical alert device, which are both connected to a phone line. The console unit can be placed anywhere in your loved one’s home. The medical alert device comes in various forms, including a necklace, bracelet, and pendant, so your loved one can wear it at all times. Whatever option your loved one chooses, the medical alert device is comfortable and unobtrusive.

In case of an accident or emergency, all they have to do is press the SOS button on the medical alert device or tabletop console. A seniorcare expert will answer their call immediately, assess the situation if possible, and contact family members or emergency services. The expert will stay on the line with your loved one until help arrives at their home.

PERS is a lifesaving device that seniors can either use independently or in combination with seniorcare services. Either way, when your loved one is home alone, they can speak with a professional anytime they get scared or find themselves in an emergency and receive the assistance they need both during the day and throughout the night.

If you would like to schedule a demonstration of PERS or learn more about our products and services, give us a call today. We can help you find the optimal safety solution for your loved one and put your mind at ease that they can truly be safe and comfortable at home in their senior years. We are happy to help! 

Comfort Keepers In Home Care provides services in the following cities and neighborhoods in Nevada:

Anthem, Boulder City, Henderson, and MacDonald Ranch


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