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Homecare Providers Share Kitchen Hazards For Seniors

Oct 12, 2017 by Lonnie Jolliff

The second most dangerous room in the house is the kitchen (the first being the bathroom). To stay safe, seniors should remove the hazards that are lurking in the kitchen. Homecare providers in Henderson, NV, recommend looking around the room to see if you can spot the danger zones. The first one is the kitchen floor, which tends to be slippery and/or sticky. When your mother or father walks across the room, are they slipping, sliding, or sticking to the floor? 

Kitchen counters tend to get cluttered not only with food and dishes but also with mail and other items. Homecare professionals note that this is cross-contamination, and mixing foods with bacteria from dirty dishes, papers, and unclean items can breed germs. This can cause illness, specifically among the senior population. The kitchen should be used for food prep, cooking and eating only. All other items should be stored and placed in other rooms of the home.

The stove and oven can also be a significant hazard to your parent. If mom or dad has poor eyesight or is hearing impaired, they may not notice if the burners or oven light is on when it shouldn’t be. When they are cooking and set the oven timer, they may not hear it “ding” when it expires. Burners that are kept on or an oven that is left on with food over-cooking could start a fire.

Another dangerous item in the kitchen is the refrigerator, which is a breeding ground for bacteria. If food is left in the fridge longer than its shelf life, it will rot and grow mold, and the mold will spread. It is a good idea to have a homecare provider check your loved one’s refrigerator regularly for expired food items.

Lastly, some kitchen utensils and gadgets are harmful. If your parent is not accustomed to using sharp knives, heavy pots and pans, or electric appliances, these items should be removed from the kitchen area to keep it safe and less hazardous.

When checking a senior’s kitchen for safety hazards, take note of the floor, counters, stove, oven, refrigerator, and utensils and gadgets.


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