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Home Care Services for Seniors Tips: Affordable At Home Workouts for Seniors

Jun 7, 2018 by Lonnie Jolliff

The majority of older adults are living on a fixed income and always looking for ways to save money. Since joining a gym can be expensive, seniors should consider working out at home. There are a variety of exciting and affordable at home workouts they can enjoy. Providers who offer home care services for seniors in Henderson, NV, suggest these at home workout tips for older adults who would like to stay fit without breaking the bank.


Be Creative With Weights

Strength training is a must for seniors who would like to strengthen their muscles and burn calories more efficiently. If they don’t have any dumbbells at home, they can use water bottles or jugs filled with sand or water. Aides who specialize in home care services for seniors recommend that older adults experiment with the size and fullness of the bottles until they find the appropriate weights for them.


Climb Stairs

Seniors who have stairs in their home should take advantage of them. By walking up and down the stairs, they can lift their own body weight and strengthen their legs and hips as a result. As older adults become more comfortable with walking up and down the stairs, they should go faster and build up their intensity.


Use Resistance Bands

Resistance bands resemble long, wide rubber bands and are inexpensive and effective. Professionals who offer home care services for seniors encourage seniors to use resistance bands for arm curls, chest presses, and other similar exercises.


Try an Exercise DVD

There are a variety of exercise DVDs available for seniors to purchase or borrow from the library. They usually focus on a certain type of workout like yoga or Zumba and can give seniors the chance to try different types of workouts.


Being creative with weights, climbing stairs, using resistance bands, and trying an exercise DVD are all great options for seniors who would like to save money by exercising at home.


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