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24 Hour Home Care Advice: How Seniors Can Ease a Sore Throat Naturally

Jan 17, 2019 by Lonnie Jolliff

Pain, scratchiness, or irritation of the throat that feels worse during swallowing is known as a sore throat. In most cases, a sore throat is the result of a viral infection like the cold or flu. Since sore throats are common among seniors, especially in the colder months, we’ve created this list of sore throat remedies from 24 hour home care providers.


By mixing honey in tea, seniors may find relief from sore throats. Research has proven that honey may be more effective than common cough medications and is effective at healing wounds, making it ideal for sore throats.

Salt Water

Gargling with warm salt water can help older adults soothe their sore throats. 24 hour home care professionals note that it can also kill throat bacteria. If possible, seniors should gargle a saltwater solution every three hours.

Chamomile Tea

Thanks to its natural soothing properties, chamomile tea can relieve a sore throat by stimulating the immune system. It can help a senior’s body fight off the infection that led to their sore throat in the first place. Fortunately, chamomile tea offers a pleasant taste that many older adults enjoy.


Although peppermint has a reputation for freshening breath, diluted peppermint oil sprays may provide older adults with sore throat relief. 24 hour home care aides explain that peppermint contains menthol, which can thin mucus and ease sore throats as well as coughs. It also features anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, which may promote healing.

Baking Soda

While gargling with salt water is more common, gargling with baking soda may also do the trick. Baking soda may kill bacteria and stop yeast and fungi from growing. Seniors should try to gargle with baking soda about every three hours.

Honey, salt water, chamomile tea, peppermint, and baking soda can all help senior relieve their sore throats naturally.

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