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Alzheimer’s Care Advice: How to Create a Dementia-Friendly Home Environment

Jan 31, 2019 by Lonnie Jolliff

Everyday life can be difficult for older adults with dementia. The good news, however, is that simple home modifications can make things easier for them and improve their overall quality of life. If you have an older adult with dementia, consider these tips on creating a dementia-friendly home environment.

Remove Clutter

A home full of clutter can be frustrating for a senior with dementia because it may obstruct their ability to see the things they need. It can also lead to trips, falls, and serious injuries. By removing clutter from their home and placing the items they use the most in easy-to-reach and see areas, you’ll be doing them a favor.

Add Signs

Sometimes, signs throughout a home can ease confusion for an older adult living with dementia. For this reason, providers who offer Alzheimer’s care suggest adding signs that say things like “kitchen,” or “bed.” Signs with certain pictures may also help if your senior has trouble reading.

Use Contrasting Colors

One of the easiest ways to help your senior loved one see useful objects is by using contrasting colors. For instance, place a bright yellow plate on a white placemat or paint your senior’s bathroom a bright blue. Alzheimer’s care professionals discourage the use of patterns as they may confuse them visually and make things more difficult to see.

Add Photos and Keepsakes

Photos and keepsakes can evoke happy memories in your older adults. Therefore, it’s a good idea to scatter them throughout their home. When your senior sees these photos and keepsakes on a daily basis, they’re more likely to be in a good mood and behave well.

Alzheimer’s care professionals suggest removing clutter, adding signs, using contrasting colors, and adding photos and keepsakes to create a comfortable and enjoyable environment for your senior who is living with dementia. 

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