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We are here for seniors who need a little extra help and that are located in or around Clark County. When you know that there is a need in your family, what do you do? Most of us are inclined to help, thinking that we can provide the assistance best. In the case of the elderly, while there is help available in the form of a homecare agency or assisted living facilities, friends and family make up over 50% of the primary caregivers to the elderly that are unable to fully live independent lives. For many, this is a great arrangement, and they truly mean well. When this dynamic is working, it can be beneficial for bonding and encourage richer relationships.

What happens when they need a ride somewhere and family cannot be available to help? There are many seniors who are unable to drive themselves where they need to go. This has been proven to be a challenge that sometimes ends up limiting seniors severely. Not only do the elderly lose the ability to go where they want, to manage errands on their own or just to get out of the house, often with the loss of a license comes a wide variety of emotional reactions.

Many people do not think about the long-term consequences that losing a driver’s license can have on an elderly individual. The truth of the matter is, for some it can be a stressful and emotional time. Not having their own car can mean that they must rely on others or that they simply withdraw.

Part of working with the elderly requires our homecare agency to be mindful of the special needs that come with age. Of course, being older isn’t a reason enough to need help most times. Rather, it is usually due to loss of sight or an illness that a person can no longer drive. Because of this, the elderly need more than a taxi to get them where they need to go.

A car service will drop them off where they need to go, but a residential aide will go a step beyond. He or she will not only take your loved one where they need to go but will also be on hand to provide the same kind of support they would get at home. This could be having an extra set of ears in a doctor’s visit to make sure that the family has the up to date information about diagnosis’s and medication changes. It could also be someone that is around to help get from the car to a cart, so they can be involved with shopping.

There is no doubt that having licensed drivers on hand to drive when seniors need them is a benefit for the clients of Comfort Keepers of Henderson, NV.

Find out how our industry-leading homecare agency can help an aging loved one in your life. Whether they just need transportation or you feel they may be able to benefit with more consistent help or senior care, we can schedule a home evaluation and let you know your options.

To get started, please fill out the Contact Us form on our site or call us direct at (702) 323-0992. We are here for seniors and their family and are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.


Comfort Keepers In Home Care provides services in the following cities and neighborhoods in Nevada:

Anthem, Boulder City, Henderson, and MacDonald Ranch


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